I am going on a road trip with my husband and step-kid, to see many exciting places and people! I plan on bringing some of my smaller new outfits (maybe even some of the “wearable paintings”), and having unscheduled photo shoots with random people I meet along the way. I will be in the following places on the following dates. Maybe we’ll be in the same place at the same time and can make some awesomeness together!

June 7-9: Asheville, NC
June 10-12: Winston Salem, NC
June 13-14: Charlottesville, VA (and Twin Oaks in Louisa)
June 15-21: Baltimore, MD + DC
June 23-26: Boston, MA
June 27- July 2: Chatham, MA
July 3-4: Worcester, MA
July 5-6: Providence, RI
July 7-11: NY, NY