I’ve always had a fascination with clothing, but in a different way than other fashion designers. I’m more fascinated by the very existence of clothing than in the subtle differences that appear on catwalks year after year. I mean, we’re wearing false skins; we’re all wearing costumes all the time! The businessman wears the businessman-costume, the indie kid wears the indie-kid-costume, the trucker wears the trucker-costume (although sometimes the indie-kid-costume is the same as the trucker-costume), etc… And people treat you differently depending on which costume you’ve selected! If we were all naked for a day, no one would know how to treat anyone else. I’d love to see that.

Because I see fashion design this way (as COSTUME design), you can probably figure out why my clothing looks like it does. If all clothing is a disguise, I’m not sure what my customers are disguising themselves as, but I’m very happy that they desire these disguises because I desire groceries!

(crazy shoes from China… ouch!! Yes, fashion is very interesting indeed)