It is amazing how much you can do with photo manipulation, and how much we take for granted when we look at faces/bodies in magazines and don’t realize that stars have just as many stretchmarks and wrinkles as us. This is a before and after photo of my face that I manipulated in Photoshop (I smoothed out some marks on my face, took out the bags under my eyes, took out the shine on my forehead and nose, made my skin look milkier, fixed my eye makeup, made my hair longer, and totally changed the colors of everything).

But we can do so much more with photo manipulation! From little things like whitening teeth, and removing acne or wrinkles, to larger things like increasing cleavage, decreasing waists, and even swapping heads and bodies from other pictures to create the “perfect shot”.

As an artist who is fascinated by these things and loves manipulating photos, I have mixed feelings. I mean, there is definitely a negative effect when the youth turns to magazines to know what beauty is, when the women on those pages are all manipulated to the extent of not even being human anymore! But it seems like people are becoming more aware of these things in general, so perhaps future generations of young girls will all just KNOW magazine bodies are total fantasy, and not aspire to become those unrealistic ideals.