This adorable hat was made with soft breathable yarn, for lots of springtime and summer fun! The flower is sewn into the hat with a large decorative silver button. Click on the image below for sizing + details, or click here to view my etsy shop.


This drawing was inspired by children’s books like Dr. Seuss. It is a playful representation of a pregnant woman telling her pain (shown as a large scary wolf) to “SIT, BOY!”. She is taking command of the sensations in her body and feeling empowered, ready for labor! This can be given as a gift to a pregnant woman, used in meditation, or be a reminder during labor of who is REALLY in charge of your experience (YOU!)

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I have a variety of fluffy warm hats to chose from in my shop right now. Some have big poofy tassels at the top and some have kitty ears. Most of them have extra long tassels down the sides (22″ long!). You can also order a hat CUSTOM MADE in most colors that you can imagine, and in baby/child sizes. Click the pictures below to see those specific listings.

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So it was just a matter of time before I started sewing crazy plush dolls and odd clothing for the child forming in my belly. It all begins with the first page of a story book with a fuzzy (bee?) on one side and a magic world on the other with a llama made from an old sweater sleeve, and flowers made from shiny things…