This adorable hat was made with soft breathable yarn, for lots of springtime and summer fun! The flower is sewn into the hat with a large decorative silver button. Click on the image below for sizing + details, or click here to view my etsy shop.


I specialize in “wearable paintings”, and various other sorts of unique costumes + artwork. Check out the links below for pictures of existing costumes for sale, and for details on how to order a unique costume CUSTOM MADE just for you:
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This extra soft crochet hat fits comfortably around your ears, and has long tassels (18″ long) which can be tied under your chin or worn down. The hat has adorable little kitty ears and long, thick tassels down the sides. Click image to see details and the listing.

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This fluffy black hat with kitty ears and extra long tassels is great for a Halloween costume or regular everyday awesomeness during the colder part of the year! Click on picture to view the listing.

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I have a variety of fluffy warm hats to chose from in my shop right now. Some have big poofy tassels at the top and some have kitty ears. Most of them have extra long tassels down the sides (22″ long!). You can also order a hat CUSTOM MADE in most colors that you can imagine, and in baby/child sizes. Click the pictures below to see those specific listings.

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I love everything about the Fall: the vibrant colors, the smell of cinnamon, and the warm fluffy hats! I’ve been crocheting a bunch of hats for the Fall, and the first of them is now up for sale in my shop. This one has extra-long tassels (21″ long!) and is a rich turquoise color with flecks of deep red– shown here with the tassels tied under my neck in a bow.

This hat SOLD right after I put up this post, but it can also be CUSTOM ORDERED in most colors you can imagine, with either short or long tassels, and with kitty ears, bunny ears, in children/baby sizes, etc! And I will be putting up other hats for sale soon.

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Lots of my clothing items are FOR SALE right now in my shop– Cute summer dresses, hippie halter dresses, lacy frilly dresses, accessories, and more! Some clothing as low as $19.95! Other items as low as $8! Check it out:

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