I am a Jewish artist and I wanted to create a space to celebrate other Jewish artists + Jewish artwork in general. I created this Facebook group about a week ago and people have been flooding in ever since. You can discuss artwork, promote your shop, connect with other Jewish art lovers, and get inspired!

Feel free to join up and post stuff about your new artwork or favorite Jewish artist! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=148997195121243

Come share in the fun!



I came across this amazing shop that has jewelry made from REAL BUTTERFLIES! They are all lovely and magical looking. Click here to see the shop: Butterflysenses.etsy.com

CRUELTY? Nope: the butterflies used in this jewelry are not killed. All butterflies used have expired naturally and they come from breeding farms that are conservation minded.

Lots of my clothing items are FOR SALE right now in my shop– Cute summer dresses, hippie halter dresses, lacy frilly dresses, accessories, and more! Some clothing as low as $19.95! Other items as low as $8! Check it out:

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