I’m offering custom-made dolls made to look like you (with your hairstyle, etc), a cute dress for the doll, and a matching dress in YOUR size! The dress will be cute and doll-like, with frills and lace. For more info, click on the picture below:

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An exciting new way to display artwork! My “wearable paintings” so far have been done as necklaces, corset-like bodices, a few dresses, and this garter belt. I really like the garter belt idea so I think I’ll make more, with different types of designs. Click on the picture to see more images of this garter belt, or check out my website: OriannaStudios.com

I specialize in “wearable paintings”, and various other sorts of unique costumes + artwork. Check out the links below for pictures of existing costumes for sale, and for details on how to order a unique costume CUSTOM MADE just for you:
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This extra soft crochet hat fits comfortably around your ears, and has long tassels (18″ long) which can be tied under your chin or worn down. The hat has adorable little kitty ears and long, thick tassels down the sides. Click image to see details and the listing.

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This fluffy black hat with kitty ears and extra long tassels is great for a Halloween costume or regular everyday awesomeness during the colder part of the year! Click on picture to view the listing.

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This frilly dress is also an original painting! It is one of the “Wearable Paintings” that I currently have up for sale in my shop. Click the image to see more info about the dress. The model, makeup artist, and photographers were all awesome and I gave them credit at the bottom.

Click here to see my shop: BraidedBeings.etsy.com

Model: http://www.modelmayhem.com/564729
Makeup: http://www.modelmayhem.com/1073637
Photographer: http://www.modelmayhem.com/1136279

I have frilly lacy costume dresses on sale in my shop, just in time for a fancy summer tea party! Pretty pretty pirates, babydoll dresses, and lolita-inspired adorable outfits. Some clothing as low as $19.95! Accessories as low as $8! Check it out:

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