After doing a guided meditation to prepare for my upcoming birth, I was inspired to make a painting using imagery from my experience. The image is a pregnant wolf with the Sh’ma painted around the border “Hear Oh Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is ONE!” and the “ONE” is coming from out of the wolf’s mouth. The baby wolf has a blue gem glued to it’s belly. The red parts are going into and coming out of the wolf, and also surround the wolf. An arm cradles the wolf at the top, coming from the red, like the red shape is the womb of God in which the wolf is being cradled.

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This drawing was inspired by children’s books like Dr. Seuss. It is a playful representation of a pregnant woman telling her pain (shown as a large scary wolf) to “SIT, BOY!”. She is taking command of the sensations in her body and feeling empowered, ready for labor! This can be given as a gift to a pregnant woman, used in meditation, or be a reminder during labor of who is REALLY in charge of your experience (YOU!)

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So it was just a matter of time before I started sewing crazy plush dolls and odd clothing for the child forming in my belly. It all begins with the first page of a story book with a fuzzy (bee?) on one side and a magic world on the other with a llama made from an old sweater sleeve, and flowers made from shiny things…

This was a pretty fun shoot. I’d never worked with a pregnant model before, and it gave me lots of ideas. I wanted to put her in one of the “wearable paintings” but all of them were dramatically not the right size. So we did a shoot with the super long sleeves and lots of bright colors. When I eventually get pregnant, I will definitely have some fun times doing art and fashion photography!