I am a Jewish artist and I wanted to create a space to celebrate other Jewish artists + Jewish artwork in general. I created this Facebook group about a week ago and people have been flooding in ever since. You can discuss artwork, promote your shop, connect with other Jewish art lovers, and get inspired!

Feel free to join up and post stuff about your new artwork or favorite Jewish artist! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=148997195121243

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This painting was custom ordered by someone with a deep appreciation for the Kiddush ritual of Shabbat. Sharing this appreciation, I greatly enjoyed this project! Here is the result (click the image for closeups and a detailed description of the painting, including what the Hebrew says, etc):

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For many generations in my family, being Jewish was a secret. So much a secret that it was almost forgotten! My mother has vague memories of her grandmother singing to her in Hebrew when she was a child, and frequently has dreams about braids in connection with this family secret; where the braids are morphing into challah or havdalah candles, or where a mother is hiding a secret family name within the folds of her braids. I am the last practicing Jew in my family, and I feel the need to combine this with my artwork. Because I have only dreams and fragments left in my family, instead of thick strong roots, the artwork I’ve created so far is very surreal and magical, like trying to remember a far away dream before it vanishes. Click the picture below to view details of that painting.

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I have a separate etsy store for my Jewish Art, because I wanted a place for my Jewish-focused artwork to sit apart from the rest of the stuff I do. Not because either one is better, but because things can be appreciated more if they have their own space.

Another etsy user recently added this paintings from my shop, where she writes this about me and a few other artists: “I believe that these artists are not even necessarily creating for monetary reward.. as far as I can see, they are COMPELLED to create”

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